A website is used by many HVAC companies to build their online presence or provide information regarding their services, But, is it the real purpose of the website?

NO, Not at all!

The website is not for providing your info or things that your customers are not interested in rather the real purpose of the website is to “Generate Leads”.
Your website should speak to your Customer, your customer’s pains and problems and providing them a Solution.

How you can generate 10x more HVAC leads from your website?

First of all, You have to take your website as an Appointment or Lead Generation Funnel. But before working on your website, you should know about your ideal Customer whom you provide solutions to their problems. Building your Ideal Customer is the first step in your Sales Funnel. If you don’t know your perfect audience then you should work on it before and ask some questions from yourself.

1. Do you want to provide services for B2B or B2C?
2. Which Industry do you want to work with? like Hospitals, Banks, Schools, etc
3. What are your customer’s pains and problems?

If you are having a problem in making your perfect audience then I can help you with it, you can book a 30 minutes free strategy call.

After selecting your ideal customer, now it’s time to set up your Lead Generation Machine aka Website. There are 3 parts of your website or landing page.

3 Parts of website or Landing pages.

1. Hook
This will be the Main and Above the Fold part of the website, in this part, you don’t have to write that “We Provide HVAC Services” instead you have to Write Something Persuasive which can Hook your potential customer, Hook can be any type of Results you bring from past customer or Testimonials from your past customers etc.

2. Build
After Hook, the next part will be Build, in this part, You will show your potential customer that you know about his pain and problems, you have to list 1-3 pain points and then below that, you have to provide a High-Level Solution, which will make you an expert in front of them because you know about your customers pains.

3. Authority
Now the important part comes, in this part, you will show you authority your potential clients, in the form of, your previous Clients Testimonials, Case Studies, Endorsements, Featured Logos, Influencers Endorsements.

4. Book an Appointment
This is the last part of your page, in this part, you will give a booking option to your potential lead, in which they can schedule a meeting or call with you with the calendar.

That’s it! You are Done.

Now you have to make a marketing strategy and drive traffic to your website and generate “Qualified Leads” which are more interested in your services. I helped many HVAC Owners to build their Marketing and Sales. Funnels with my HVAC Marketing Strategy and Converting their websites to Lead Generation Machine. If you want to build an Appointment Funnel, I can help you with that, I guarantee you will get 10x more Qualified Leads with our HVAC Marketing Strategy. Book your Strategy Call here.